Finally! Justice for Isabel Celis and Maribel Gonzales! Arrest Made!

In a previous post, I discussed the many abductions, rapes and unsolved murders of children in Arizona. Earlier this week sources announced that 36-year-old Christopher Clements was arrested, charged with unrelated burglary charges. He has been officially indicted in the case of both girls, charged with 22 felony charges, including two counts of first-degree... Continue Reading →

Its been a bit since I've had the chance to update my blog. To my readers I apologize. I'm in the last semester of class and I have landed an internship in victim advocacy- the exact reason I decided to go back to school in the first place! I have a haunting past, and from... Continue Reading →

#MeToo and The Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights

So many lives are affected by sexual abuse. The statistics are staggering. The National Statistics on Sexual Violence states that One in four women and one in six men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.¬†Among developmentally disabled adults, up to 83% of females and 32% of males are victims of sexual violence.¬†One in every... Continue Reading →

Lost Boys of Arizona

My last blog focused on cold cases of young girls in Arizona, however the recent identification of the skeletal remains of missing 10 year old Jesse Wilson is a stark reminder that males are just as at risk as females. Sadly, there are just as many reported missing males and unidentified John Doe Jrs as... Continue Reading →

Product Review: Blue Apron

When my friend Ellen recently invited me to try Blue Apron, a diy meal delivery service, I was trepidatious. Being someone who is very selective in picking thru my own produce and other grocery items, the idea of a chilled box bringing them via mail puts a LOT of trust in a new(ish) company. I... Continue Reading →

I can not think of a child more vulnerable or at risk for exploitation then those kids.

Florence Hildreth

September 6, 1987, A nude, beaten, sexually assaulted female body was discovered by a local farmhand. On a rural dirt road, in darkness, a terrible crime had occurred, leaving behind very little clues as to the identity of the victim, or her attacker. The dirt surrounding the victim showed signs of a struggle. With only... Continue Reading →

True Crime: Shauna Howe

11 year old Shauna Howe left her home dressed as a gymnast on Oct. 27, 1992, to head to school, and later, a Girl Scout Halloween party, which she left around 8 p.m. She never made it home from the party.

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